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Getting you a job is our job.

Boost your chances of getting a job in just seconds! SureHired is the best platform for everyone to gather deep analysis of their resume, cover letter and even cover photo! What's more? Get a real recruiter to review your resume and get it edited!

What is SureHired?

SureHired was created for the reason to ensure we can help enhance the chances of job seekers getting hired. Today's market is more competitive than, and it is not as simple as drafting a resume. For this reason, SureHired provides a comprehensive analysis of your resume, cover letter, cover photo and even your Facebook profile to tell you how do you come across as an applicant. All this is done with cutting edge technologies of machine learning and facial recognition.

Free for everyone.
Pro for some.

We want SureHired to benenfit as many people as possible. To do that, we have ensured that the core features will remain free. But, for the Pros, we offer you even more. You can even opt for an actual recruiter to review your resume, cover letter etc. and provide you with actionable tips on how to boost your chances of getting hired in your next dream job!